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Seasonal rentals Denmark

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The smallest Scandinavian land, Denmark is surrounded by the North Sea, the Skagerrak, the Kattegat and the Sont. With a surface of 44,000 km2, Denmark consists of Jutland (Jylland), Fyn (Funen) and Zealand (Sjælland), which are connected via bridges, Bornholm and a few smaller islands.

Denmark is characterized by large modern trading towns, small idyllic commercial towns, pleasant fishing- and bathing locations along the coast, woodland- and nature reserves as well as areas of open countryside. Everywhere in small and large cities you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant cafés where the locals go to eat and drink. And you can find traces of Denmark´s past thanks to a very interesting history.

The land of the small mermaid is a holiday wonderland.A country full of variety with several possibilities for a family holiday.

Denmark is a destination for the entire family thanks to Legoland and the fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Visit to Legoland
  • Vikings town Rosklide or the 600 year old Skagen
  • The famous statue of the Little Mermaid
  • Family park Tivoli
  • The unique town of Fanø
  • Long walks on the North Sea path
  • Discover exciting Copenhague

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