Seasonal rentals Netherlands

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Seasonal rentals Netherlands

Presentation : Netherlands

Country of water, forest and moors. So many beautiful things and so close to home! Why travel far, if everything is so close to homeoe For long holidays or for short breaks, for a rest and for fun.

A country, often overlooked as a holiday destination, but which has so much to offer, especially when you are looking for diversity. The choice of waterways, lakes and broads makes Holland a true country of water. A paradise for all watersports enthusiasts.

The magnificent coastline with its extensive beaches and dunes is always an attraction for the young and old. Exploring the heaths, fields, hills or forests on foot or by bike are just a few of the many options.

How about the characteristic cities, charming villages and historical monumentsoe For widening your cultural horizon, for fun shopping or for going out! All in a country with great diversity and short distances.

  • Keukenhof in Lisse
  • A day trip in an amusement park like Efteling, Six Flags or Duinrell
  • Boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam
  • Walk on the Wadden and admire baby seals in Pieterburen
  • Deltas in Zeeland
  • Cycling or walking in the Veluwe
  • Build sand castles on the North Sea beaches

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