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Seasonal rentals Turkey

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Be enchanted by a diverse and mysterious Turkey, where your every wish will come true. Turkey has beautiful beaches, azure blue seas, ancient ruins, a good cuisine, and very hospitable people.

Turkey offers a diverse range of scenery, people, cultural historical remains and natural beauty. Thanks to its historic past, which goes back to one of the world´s earliest civilizations, Turkey boasts a wealth of historic sights, ruins, ancient cities, and museums full of art treasures.

You can visit historic mausoleums in various places around Turkey. North of Ephesus, you will find the temple ruins in Pergamon. Other well-known historic remains include those in Perge and the theatre of Aspendos. When you take a boat tour across the magnificent swamps of Dalyan, you will see the historic royal rock graves, with its associated myth, high above the water. And be amazed by the mysterious moonscape of Cappadoccia.

Turkey has 8000km of coastline. Experience the hospitality of the Turkish people and be surprised by their culture, the wonderful climate, and the country´s diversity!

Tip: Visit one of the local traditional markets. You are never far from a traditional market selling herbs, spices, goats, and multi-coloured peppers. It feels as if time has stood still for centuries, here.

  • The library of the antique Ephesus
  • Shopping in the Eastern bazaars
  • Petrus castle and Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Bodrum
  • The natural marvel of Pammukele with its chalk terraces
  • Car trip on the Datça peninsula
  • Sunbathing on sandy beaches
  • Visit little towns like Kalkan and Selçuk

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